Taking a look at organic, fresh food.

The UK has seen one of the most turbulent times in political history over recent years. During this time we have witnessed a downturn in the economy, with enforced austerity measures in an effort to aid economic recovery. With shops closing along the high street, spending has been down across the country.

However, during this time one area has not suffered and has, in fact, boomed, with sales of organic fruit and vegetables actually increasing. Although people are watching their money more closely than ever, it would also appear that they are placing more value on their health and what they are eating than ever before.

Organic vegetables hold many benefits that can contribute to improved health and wellbeing. So, when you buy organic foods you’re doing more than buying tasty ingredients.

Organic foods are less likely to have been treated with pesticides. These chemicals can penetrate, or remain on the skin, of the food we eat.

Organic foods mean that you could be contributing to your local economy and helping smaller businesses grow. Organic food needs to be purchased fresh, as it is not treated with preservatives and is, therefore, less likely to have travelled very far. Look to local farm shops and high street greengrocers who can source the best, local seasonal fruit and veg for you and your family.

Organic foods are better for the environment. Farmers who produce organic crops or raise organic livestock aren’t washing chemicals into the ground. Also, as with our previous point, the food doesn’t need to be transported by aircraft, that signifacntlyy contribute to pollution levels.

As well as food, this pattern of saving and spending is also seen in other sectors. It is reported that there are increases in charitable donations during austere times, particularly within some of the most disadvantaged populations. A kindness showed to others, giving what little you have to help despite our own problems, actually goes a long way to helping your own well being. Giving to others releases serotonin, the feel good hormone, so no matter what challenges you may be facing, knowing that you are helping others in need, helps to lift your mood and make you feel happier.

It is interesting to see that although the population is experiencing some of the toughest financial difficulties for decades, principles, values and the pursuit of improved wellbeing and lifestyle are enduring in the face of it all.