Setting achievable goals for the future.

Maybe your goal is to lose a few pounds before you fly, to get fit enough to play football in the park with your family and friends, or maybe simply not feeling so bloated after eating. Whatever your weight loss goals, our Healthy Future Programme provides a solution for you.

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Weight Management

Healthy Futures is a new and innovative weight management group program, which supports and build your relationship with food and exercise.

Our expert advisors provide information on nutrition, exercise and behaviour change helping you build a better relationship for a healthy future.

Each week you will receive practical information and tools to support your weight loss.

  • Portion Sizes
  • How to get started
  • Shopping Behaviours
  • Eating Behaviours
  • Should Statement
  • 5-minute rule

Our services

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Nutrition & Dietetic

We provide dietetic services, patient assessment, care planning, and follow up.


Bringing calm and balance back into your life, for whatever life throws at you.

Workplace Health

A complete service to evaluate the health of your employees, and your company.