PD Nut does London Marathon in aid of Action Against Hunger!

After the disappointment of “Getting Ironed”.  I set to on securing a charity place and what better charity to run for than Action Against Hunger.  As the excitement begins to simmer gentle the work starts to raise £2000 for this cause.  The training, the food I need to keep going and the fundraising are just a few things to think about but other aspects what colour will I dye my hair when I achieve my fundraising target and what flavour jelly babies do I prefer are other equally interesting questions.So in order to keep me and other fellow marathon runners motivated I decided to keep a blog of the highs and lows of getting ready for a challenge of mine that was not a question of could I do it but when would I do it.

So as the training has commenced so has my blog, all that is left to start is the fundraising. I will leave you for today with the excitement of good things to come as success is all around.  Well done on all those securing a place and Good Luck. Nov14

This time in 12 weeks I would have completed my first marathon and The Virgin London Marathon at that.  As I reflect on my training to date.  It is going well.  I’m at 14 miles taking it up to 16 miles this week.  With some difficult runs and I can’t stop now or I will not get going again I remember what I have learnt so far.  Training and planning is essential.  One lonely long run wet right through to my knicker elastic (as my mum would say) a stranger tells me as I ran past “you must be crazy” I laughed happily and said yes I am! So with training plan completing my attention turns to the tapering plans as the marathon draws closer.

With training plans in place I have been experimenting with my diet.  As a dietitian I have the information at my fingertips.  I am working with carbohydrates, whole-grains and timings to ensure I can run.  I am a porridge girl and I need to eat at least an hour before I run but the hunger I have after my long run sees me turning to cake, scones or crackers & hummus.  A welcome reward.

As I continue to train and eat cake (a tasty spelt mixed fruit cake) I wish anyone working towards a challenge to keep going.  The good experiences outweighs always. Feb 15.