Have you TAKEN a moment?

In our busy lives how often do we take a moment to look after our mind? Below are 5 tips that will help your mind stay healthy. You can practice a tip each day or put all 5 in place every day.
It’s called TAKEN 
  1. Take a break: close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Stay here for a few moments, pause for but a moment, now open your eyes and carry on with your day. How many 3 minutes break did you have today?
  2. Acknowledge the positives: Focus on the good things in your day, no matter how small. Write them down if it helps. We can only thinnature-fashion-person-woman-largek about one thing at a time why not make it a positive thought. How many positive thoughts have you had today?
  3. Keep it real: notice your thoughts for what they are, just thoughts not your reality! Positive thought will have a positive effect. How many reality checks have you completed today?
  4. Enjoy yourself: Think about your wants and needs today. Just for today do something for yourself. Be kind to you even for 10mins.What will you do for yourself?
  5. Nip it in the bud: If you find yourself battling with your thoughts, go for a walk, catch up with friends, listen to your favourite music or practice one of the five for the mind. Give your mind the chance to go to your favourite place. Where’s your favourite place? #fiveforthemind