7 Successful Tips for Weight Loss

Healthy Eating – Seven Successful Steps

There are many ways to lose weight and chances are you’ve tried many different diets throughout your lifetime. ‘Diets’ can often produce great short-term results, but all too often we revert back to old, unhealthy eating habits and slowly but surely gain back the lbs lost (and sometimes finding new ones along the way).
Working with a Registered Dietitian is one way to better arm yourself to achieve weight loss for good, and as we approach Summer with hopes and dreams of losing weight PD Nutrition can help you on your way.

As a registered dietitian we can work with you to:

  • ensure your approach to losing weight is nutritionally adequate
  • set actions that you can achievebelly-body-calories-diet-42069-medium.jpeg
  • provide a menu of choices that will help you lose weight and are evidence based
  • offer 1:1 support and appointments, groups and other options to help you achieve your goal

Freelance Dietitians, like myself, or your local NHS service will be able to support you.

At PD Nutrition & Holistic Services Ltd we have various payment options that we would be happy to talk to you about.

Seven Steps for Successful Healthy Eating & Weight Loss
  • Have a regular eating plan – always eat a breakfast, eat 3 meals and do not go long time without a healthy snack plan. One way to make this happen is to plan your meals and snacks.
  • Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables & salad – have these at every breakfast, meals and snacks filling up on these type of foods will keep you full. One way to make this happen is put these foods on your plate first. Making sure half your plate is covered with vegetables, salad and fruit.
  • Eat the foods you enjoy – Eating foods that you enjoy will ensure that the other changes will be easier and more sustainable. One way to achieve this is to taste your favourite foods and not feel guilty nor deprived. By tasting your food and enjoying your food will lead to eating less.
  • Portion sizes are key – Learning about portion sizes is a much about balance as ensuring all food groups are in your meal plan. One way to achieve this is use a smaller plate or practice the 5 minute rule.
  • Do not go food shopping hungry – Changing our shopping behaviour or habits will ensure we eat differently. One way to achieve this is to go food shopping after you have eaten and use a shopping list.
  • Exercise & Keep moving daily – Exercise is a way to combat stress, help you feel good about yourself (admittedly sometimes when you are not actually doing it), meet new friends, more resilient to life’s up and down and help your body shape and lose weight. Remember to build up slowly and keep going. It takes practice.
  • Banish perfectionist views – Think about the positives that are already exist. You are perfect the way you are but you want to improve a little bit that is ok as well.
For a more practical tips or a personalised individual plan why not get in touch with Paula Day on 07474 727214 or drop me an email at pauladay@pdnutrition.co.uk